Ideas and Initatives on a Cold November Night

The European Parliament London office's November welcome event saw enthused volunteers get an idea of what the European Election 2019 campaign is all about.

Kicking-off with the necessary introductions and a presentation of the thistimeimvoting platform, the event was able to provide real-world examples of how to create a genuinely European, grass-roots campaign thanks to the participation of Volt, a pan-European campaign organisation partnered with the European Parliament in the UK.

Volt's street campaigning, outreach to universities and pan-European coordination gave our participants numerous sources of inspiration.

The guiding logic behind the event was to create a set of ideas and initiatives that volunteers themselves generate, with the European Parliament team providing support wherever possible. For this reason, participants were encouraged to come to the event with ideas already in-mind, and they didn't disappoint.

Dividing working groups onto specific topics such as digital media, events and offline campaigning proved a big success, with attendees able to join-up and network with like-minded people straight away.

This process culminated in the creation of a key set of working areas we will now carry-through into the campaign. The working areas agreed upon focused around events, universities, digital media, organising a campaign launch event and an office-backed run (location and date TBD!).

After some drinks and refreshments in our stomachs, alongside a round-up of the discussions on the next steps forward, we ended the night with a shared sense of purpose to take us into the near year where we expect many more meetings and campaign activities in 2019!